Christmas Presents For Dad - Show Him Your Love!

Christmas morning will be here before you know it. And like years past, you just aren't sure what kind of present will give dad the most joy. All you know is that dad has a closet full of funky looking ties, a drawer full of socks, and you want this Christmas to be special.

In reality, it is not too hard to find Christmas presents for dad that he will be happy with. Us dads are pretty easy to please when it comes to gifts. We honestly enjoy any present we receive from our children, yes even those funky looking ties!

Even though you know dad will be happy with a pair of socks, what you really want is to knock his socks off!!!

Electronic Gadgets

It is no secret that us dads love electronic gadgets, we consider them toys for grown-ups! We like trying to find out how they work without reading the instructions, even though we end up reading them after all. One of the best reasons for getting dad an electronics gift this Christmas, he won't be playing with your stuff.

Our taste in electronics can run from a simple TV remote all the way to the home theater system. Some of our favorites are bluetooth headsets, a vehicle gps, portable hard drives, video games, HDTV's, laptops, and wireless speakers.

Movies and Music

They say that music calms the savage beast. If that is so, then what better way to keep dad calm during the stressful holiday season than surprising him with some music. Of course, a good movie keeps us happy too.

It would be a good idea to pay attention to what dad listens to and watches to get an idea of what he likes. Maybe he has some favorite movies that are still on a VCR tape. This would be an ideal time to surprise him with a DVD copy of it. If he has a capable player, you can also try the Blu-Ray version.


If your dad is the type that likes to get his hands dirty, then new tools are sure to bring a smile to his face. Even if your dad isn't the type to work on stuff, it is still a good idea to have a small tool kit in the car for emergencies.

Some of the tools that are always desired are cordless drills & saws, multitools, flashlights, pocket knives, screwdriver kits, socket sets and of course a toolbox to store everything in.

Outdoor Equipment

Besides electronic gadgets, outdoor stuff is our favorite thing to find under the tree. There are so many things we like that have an outdoors theme. I would bet there isn't a father out there that doesn't appreciate some kind of outdoor gift.

The outdoorsman type of dad is always looking for something new in the way of fishing, camping or hunting. If your dad likes to fish, you can be sure that he is constantly replacing lost gear in his tackle box. For campers and hunters alike, there are gifts like optics, maps, clothing, footwear, sleeping bags and backpacks.

For the sportsman dad, there are just as many gift ideas as there are sports. There are golf accessories such as balls, tees, gloves, golf club covers, and towels. Extra tennis balls for your tennis player, a quality basketball for the hoops lover, and jerseys and hats for the sports fan.

When it's time to come home and relax on the patio, we like gear that makes it enjoyable. We like watching the birds at the bird feeder while we are grilling with our new bbq cook set. We can then enjoy dinner around the fire pit listening to music on the outdoor speakers.